Sunday, September 18, 2011

six am, Sunday morning.

Blog yang dusty rusty gila tak update, and link blogspot sendiri dah lupa for good. It's already 6am on Sunday morning and still can't sleep sebab working on American shift ( too much tdo siang ) will try to update laju-laju past events yang noted over here.

As usual..the heart is not in the right place. People and things come and go easily. Will not to tell cerita hati in this post. Baik spill out ideas on things to do and plans for this year. Okay, ada lagi 3 months to 2012. Steady.

1. Trip within southeast asia. sebab partners already went to most of the country, so country yang tinggal will be :
Laos - we can try rock climbing limestone there's a guide for beginner, Mekong River. Mr Sunday teach me climbing please.
Indonesia , Medan - Lake Toba
Phuket , Thailand - sebab kita nak take diving license in M'sia tapi dah monsoon so Phuket sounds good. Or a trip to Bangkok naik train and next to Phuket macam brainstorm haritu pun nice.
Sarawak - Trekking near Gua Mulu with a guide.

Tapi still have to consider time and budget and annual leave applications. Grr.

Previous trip was back in May to Krabi. Recommended and memang awesome. Snorkelling with handsome fishes and gorgeous starfish, island hopping to Koh Phi Phi and other islands, elephant trekking, jungle trekking with abang Mai with his John Lennon glasses and tattoo on his arm ( muka legend tapi hati cute ), sauna stream yang relaxing habis, good cheap incredibly good Thai massage, ao-nang street shopping and the fooooods memang delicious (combination mango and santan memang baikk) and gorgeous people who joined the trip. Nak trip best lagi before 2011. Please.

Oh, and ITIL exam tomorrow afternoon. I dislike exam sebab letih nak nervous and study like uni days dulu :/

Good luck, Mashi.

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