Sunday, September 18, 2011

six am, Sunday morning.

Blog yang dusty rusty gila tak update, and link blogspot sendiri dah lupa for good. It's already 6am on Sunday morning and still can't sleep sebab working on American shift ( too much tdo siang ) will try to update laju-laju past events yang noted over here.

As usual..the heart is not in the right place. People and things come and go easily. Will not to tell cerita hati in this post. Baik spill out ideas on things to do and plans for this year. Okay, ada lagi 3 months to 2012. Steady.

1. Trip within southeast asia. sebab partners already went to most of the country, so country yang tinggal will be :
Laos - we can try rock climbing limestone there's a guide for beginner, Mekong River. Mr Sunday teach me climbing please.
Indonesia , Medan - Lake Toba
Phuket , Thailand - sebab kita nak take diving license in M'sia tapi dah monsoon so Phuket sounds good. Or a trip to Bangkok naik train and next to Phuket macam brainstorm haritu pun nice.
Sarawak - Trekking near Gua Mulu with a guide.

Tapi still have to consider time and budget and annual leave applications. Grr.

Previous trip was back in May to Krabi. Recommended and memang awesome. Snorkelling with handsome fishes and gorgeous starfish, island hopping to Koh Phi Phi and other islands, elephant trekking, jungle trekking with abang Mai with his John Lennon glasses and tattoo on his arm ( muka legend tapi hati cute ), sauna stream yang relaxing habis, good cheap incredibly good Thai massage, ao-nang street shopping and the fooooods memang delicious (combination mango and santan memang baikk) and gorgeous people who joined the trip. Nak trip best lagi before 2011. Please.

Oh, and ITIL exam tomorrow afternoon. I dislike exam sebab letih nak nervous and study like uni days dulu :/

Good luck, Mashi.

Monday, January 24, 2011

januari-ku, 2011

Au revoir 2010. Mission yang accomplished, bought a car, got a new role and a perfect vacation to hongkong with the family sangat awesome. Eventho' everything is not exactly in a right place throughout the year, tapi that's how things works kan. Oh, a good finale for 2010, purchased a ticket to "K" for 2011. Superb sangat!

2011, be kind. Praying for a good year, counting days for the 3 big trips and acheiving 2011.. goals? ohh, gotta start sketching all the good things in the brand new Moleskine's journal :)

Monday, December 6, 2010

getaway sakan!

berlari ke negara orang sejauh mungkin untuk sementara waktu.

ohh..thanks for the krabi shirt juga bagi yang baru pulang :)

Monday, November 1, 2010


A great start to this binary numbers.
everything seems to be temporary je.


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bravo Kilo Yankee.

sebab lama sangat tak come out with new post, sampai sendiri pun lupa her own blogspot url.

Everything is good. Jumpa macam2 orang, kenal macam2 perangai. At least there's drama innit.
Furthermore, semua agak curious ape yang jadi sebab bile lepak, soalan yang akan mereka kemukakan is, " Mashi..pecite ni.." Tapi takpe. macam mula2 cakap tadi, everything is good.

Sebab lama tak update, so let's recap;
In august, hati massively tak stabil. tapi dah ok. senior colleague is there to make hati ni up and running again. Obrigado. Next, ade waterfall picnic with colleagues. Amat lah best sebab in such a way waterfall tu ade slide mcm kat theme park, dengan air yg crystal like diamond, they did cook barbeque yang superb jugak. Ditch Prima 9, lets go to waterfall lagi!

Lepas tu, ramadhan. bulan yang suci where everything seems to be in order. I was in EU shift dan akan ke bazar putrajaya dengan tag team utk beli 5 orang punya berbuka puasa, dengan sampai2 kat kereta dah azan, dengan hujannye dengan same2 buka lambat. Totally dan absolutely lain dengan previous ramadhan. Tapi tetap happy :)

Aidilfitri came in september. good foods merata rata memang indah tak terkata..and open house memang perfecto. especially dengan yang best.

My new ride arrives in October, to be exact his birthday is on 5th Oct. Perfect, handsome new ride for me. Next post ade a shot of si handsome ni. lovedd.

..and maybe Nov, im moving to a new role.

Next nak brainstorm holiday nak pegi mane, maybe not Japan this year, sebab damaged agak banyak dekat account tapi loved it sebab its all worh it. Finally, baby. :)

Friday, September 10, 2010


i woke up to the sound of takbir raya.
selamat hari raya aidilfitri.
sorry for all my wrongdoings, halal kan makan minum.

take care everyone.

will update more after aidilfitri break. love;

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

let's see.

I wish i can skip june.
I saw the most painful thing, got through the hardest part, heard the loudest laugh & saw the widest smile around.
god is always extremely fair.

june's short trip to penang-kedah was great.
laksa was good and spend the whole night by the seaside with them and talk about everything under the bright shining moonlight.
drove up to kedah the next day for a classmate's wedding.
i've spend a few weekends back at the fabulous extremely perfectly huge and soft comfy king sizebed with a private pool innit.
it's one of the best room ever to lazed the weekend away.
tak payah keluar bilik or move from the bed for two days straight. heaven.
a few days back was good too.
..away from the depressed city and off the jungle for a sweet picnic by the river,
dipping our legs in cold streams and where the small little fishy spa fishes swims around our leg on a sunny day,
little bbq,
small fishing attempt, (finally, dapat jugak try.)
and short pillow talk session where i fall asleep right after the intro.
blame the comfy hugging feather pillow.
yeap. new places to go.
maybe the places to go that we used to plan was not meant for me.
no big deal.
N is in good shape, he's fit like a fiddle. It's good to see you.

updated. resquested by ex.